Thank You For Not Wasting My Time: The Origin Story

A Super Happy Fun Time Excerpt from the Romantic Comedy Novel Thank You For Not Wasting My Time:

I waited. But the longer I waited the stronger the feelings got.

I decided that I wanted to communicate. I didn’t want to be angry about this or chalk it up to one more disappointment. Maybe I could get feedback from him, like research, as to what it was that kept him from calling me to set up a time. I started with a new, genuine and lighter intention, dialing his number on my flip phone.

Just before I’d press the last digit though, I’d reconsider: “No, I should let him call me.” Then I’d press END. Then I’d get an adrenalin rush to be brave and get in touch, start again, and get one number away from SEND… and then press END.

My beach bag was clear plastic and it had a yellow strip all around the top. A bee flew onto it and started to hump it. I mean really trying, giving it his all. He would move up and down furiously and then lay on it like a binder clip, legs on both sides, tired. Then he would perch his legs and start again, sure it would be different this time. As if he thought he just wasn’t doing enough. Humping humping humping, resting. Humping humping humping, resting.

I used to run from bees as a kid and now I was sitting next to him, both of us facing the ocean, like, “Bee, I know what you mean.” Not the humping part, but his mistaken pollination being a metaphor to my love life. Trying so hard. Hopeful. Not giving up. Then emotionally exhausted and disappointed, not knowing what in the world kept going wrong.

This time, I had to find out. After a few more rounds of near calling, and heart pounding, finally, I pressed SEND.

It’s ringing. What am I even going to say? I looked to the bee for advice. The bee flew away. “You’re on your own, Kid. I just tried to make it happen with a plastic bag.”

He answered “Hello?” on speakerphone. I already felt like I was doing a lot of work because with speakerphone there’s ambient silence when I talk and volume distance when he does. And forget it if we talk at the same time, you can never know what was missed.

“Hi. It’s Mia.”

“Oh yeah. Hi,” he said as if he forgot.

“You asked me out for today, right?” I asked, “I’m not crazy…”

“I did,” he confirmed.

I asked sincerely, “Are you one of those flaky guys?”

“I’ve just been on the phone working,” he said, cagey. It was Saturday though, and he went on to explain something about a long bike ride he just got back from. “I was going to call you,” he added.

I doubted that and didn’t know what to say next.

“I have more work to do,” he started. He didn’t form any full sentences. Just indecision. His indecision made me feel inferior. As if he was doing me a favor trying to work out seeing me when he asked me out in the first place. I started to feel sad.  And frustrated.

I said, “Look. call me when you’re done. If I’m still available, great. If I’m not, I’m not.”

He picked up the receiver from speaker. “The thing is,” he sighed, “I’m not looking for anything right now.”

Like warped speed in my mind I stacked up multiple ways to respond. My ego was sounding an alarm. Quick! Should I be The Cool Girl and tell him I’m not looking for anything right now either? Get defensive and tell him he has no right treating me this way? Should I be understanding of his schedule and not “scare him off” as they say? Be reasonable and discuss the severe pressure of time I’m under? Cry? Yell? Hang up? All of the above?

But it was his honesty that spoke to me. He wasn’t being defensive anymore with arrogance or ignoring. He wasn’t treating me disposably. My heart stabilized and I responded with ultimate authenticity. My tone was sincere. Kind even. “Well, I am looking for something,” I admitted, “So, thank you. Thank you for not wasting my time.”

There was silence. I felt grounded and energized at the same time so I continued without really meaning to. “I’m ready for marriage and children. You seem to know a lot of people, and I think you have a sense of my character, so if you know anyone to set me up with, please keep me in mind.”

I had never said what I wanted out loud like that before, especially to someone I was interested in. The feeling I got from being honest was relief. The clarity was freeing. I wasn’t angry, resentful, bitter or defensive. Just authentic. Vulnerability felt like strength.

Suddenly I was looking at my life through a lens of time. Time didn’t feel like pressure anymore, it felt like a guide.

He said, “Tell me where you are. I can leave now.”

8 Comments on “Thank You For Not Wasting My Time: The Origin Story”

  1. I wish someone wrote this 40 years ago. It is refreshingly honest and raw. You take a very complicated issue and unravel the layers to something that is unconvoluted and simple. It makes me wonder…is life complicated or do we just make it complicated?
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Heather Maidat says:

      Thank you so much. I think that is a fantastic and inspiring question!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So then what happened? It sounds like your authenticity melted his defensiveness away and he saw you for who you were and was then interested. Brave of you to be so open, honest and yes, vulnerable, even though you weren’t expecting anything more of him.

    1. Heather Maidat says:

      Isn’t it interesting how challenging it can be to be authentic, vulnerable and honest. But once it’s a course of action, it’s so freeing! What happened next was, I had a completely new attitude – integrity, clarity and clear communication. Can’t give away the ending of the story just yet (since it’s a novel) but I will say she completely changes and looks at life through how she’s spending her time in her mind, emotions, and who with. That creates a fun and surprising momentum on her search for The One.

  3. Andrea B. says:

    Heather, I love this. I just re-read it. Each time it is fresh. So true, profound really. You describe the girls feelings so realistically, I haven’t read anything like that before. It’s so true. It’s kind of validating for me — to know someone else has felt what I’ve felt. But now I have a new way to respond. Thank you. I can’t wait to read the book.

    1. Heather Maidat says:

      Thank you so much. I can’t wait to share the book with you!

  4. Love this, Heather!!

    It is about being clear – with others for sure, but more importantly with ourselves. And standing firm in that clarity. Not wavering. Hell, we took long enough to find that clarity so let’s stand in it and enjoy the calm that clarity bring.

    Can’t wait to read more. Xoxo

    1. Heather Maidat says:

      Niesha, Thank you so much for your insightful comment. Can’t wait to share the book with you! xo

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