It’s Time for the Game: Spam or Not?

Sometimes I have to figure out if a comment that comes in is spam. See if you can tell what gave it away. 

1.“You tend display the world the feelings you have inside of individuals. When it is, it can create a profound difference in your views and your overall hunt. Your only job is to trust it and your fridge.”

A: Although I do trust my fridge, I don’t think anyone knows that’s my only job.

2. “Yes! Finally someone writes about mobile slot game.”

A: When I started my writing career I had to take a vow never to mention mobile slot game. So this one has to be spam.

3. “Helpful post – people need to see more like this, because most info about this topic is unhelpful. You give real insight to people.

A: This was a tricky one despite the fact that it’s from a reader named “Loans With No Credit Check”.

4. “Article writing is aldo a fun, if you know after that you can write iif not it is complicated to write.”

A: Dear Parking Sensor with Display: Maybe the reason you find it complicated to write is because of all those words that don’t make sense together.

5. “If some onee needs expert view on the topic of ruinning a blog then i recommend him/her to pay a quick vsit this web site, Keep up the good work.”

A: I’m pretty sure autocorrect would have cleared up whether “ruinning” a blog means I’m an expert in running a blog or ruining a blog. Seems, either way, I’m an expert in spam.

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4 Comments on “It’s Time for the Game: Spam or Not?”

  1. I gotta give you credit for taking the time to write this down and not immediately delete the spam until you find the funny in it!

    1. Heather Maidat says:

      Haha – thanks, Rob.

  2. LOVE how you created humor out of spammers wasting your time and turning it around. Super funny. So many words contradicted the meaning of the sentence!
    ps. You are so smart not to go on autopilot and approve the comments.

    1. Heather Maidat says:

      Haha!(The contradictions.) I never even thought about it in terms of time! Thank you for your insights and for sharing the laughs.

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