About Me

Integrity, authenticity, respect, old-school rap and hip-hop, humor, The Fonz, and the currency of time. These are things I believe in. Darryl McDaniels of RunDMC said, “Old-school isn’t a time period, it’s a consciousness.” I, and my yellow Sports Walkman, agree.

Respect, equality, and multicultural perspectives were important parts of the school system where I grew up. This helped shape my world view where people’s differences are not only normal, they enrich my life. Ultimately, you can’t know someone by how they look. You know someone when you hear their story.

I’ve always been interested in how we communicate with each other. When I started understanding the value of time (it was a dating thing – you can read about it here), I saw how communication directly effects how we spend it.

How was I spending my time? Not only in my schedule, but emotionally, in my thoughts, and who with? I also started looking at technology and noticed how we’re communicating with each other these days. Is social media saving or wasting time? Is anonymity causing problems? What the heck has texting done to romance? (You can read a Phone Call vs. Texting Battle here.)

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