Heather Maidat: Writer. Go!

Movies: Bad Boys Crazy Girls starring Reid Scott, Kevin Dunn, Adam Pally, Sarah Burns, and Bobby Moynihan (as Slow Learners by Matt Serword; Tribeca Film Festival Premiere, IFC Films, Netflix), Mr. Miracle starring Rob Morrow, Sundays at Tiffany’s starring Alyssa Milano and Stockard Channing, and Groundswell (story). 

Television: Mad Magazine, Girls Behaving Badly with Chelsea Handler and comedy team Frangela, The Love Lounge with Loni Love, Filter with Beth Stern, The Yesterday ShowShipmates with Chris Hardwick, History IQ with Marc Summers, Living Live with Florence Henderson and Meshach Taylor, and MTV specials, as well as for pilots you’ve never heard of. 

Podcasts and Digital: StrollerCoaster (Munchkin), and StrollerCoaster: Storytime (Munchkin)  Multi-Award Winners – Excellence in Writing, Time for Kids App (Time Magazine and Google).

Articles and Essays: Deja Vow (The Huffington Post), Modern Wrecknology (MSN), Do Not Disturb (Blacktable), Shalloween (Fresh Yarn), The Sudden Impact of Love (Fox Films Intl.), The TV Dating Dilemma (Sirensmag), and in The Indierock Guide to Dating.

Advertising and Promotions: FOX Films, Wordsworth + Booth, ABC Family, Mister Face, DirecTV, CRN Radio, Rock the Vote starring Adrian Grenier, various websites.

Ghostwriting: KB&Co., TellAVision, Moore Words, and intriguing questions for the award-winning TableTopics conversation-starter games.

Short Form: Webseries Half-Assed Homemaker, the Farah Fawcett Barbie Doll masterpiece Song for Farrah (scoring 100% funny on Funny or Die), The Conversation short.

Theater: The Next Thing performed at the Brick Theater.

Developmental Editing: Worked with numerous people to get their visions into words including books, articles, TV, film, and speeches.

Associate Produced: The Chris Rock Show, John Leguizamo’s Emmy Nominated Freak for HBO, Brazil’s music documentary series Free Jazz, the indie film Wicked City, and for the critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated Red Hot Organization with musicians such as Wu-Tang, De La Soul, Bebel Gilberto, David Byrne, Ron Carter, and The Roots.

Worked in nearly every department in production or on the crew of:  Oscar nominated documentaries Dancemaker and Speaking in Strings, CBGB’s Documentary, ABC sitcom Madigan Men with Gabriel Byrne (writers’ assistant), Project Greenlight (script coverage), The Friars Club Roast of Jerry Stiller, All My ChildrenOne Life To LiveNew York Times Capsule, The Best Commercials You’ve Never Seen, InStyle Celebrity Weddings, You’re So Hollywood, Out of the Box, The Bert Fershners, Jerry Seinfeld’s Amex ad, Reading Rainbow, The Red Booth with James Van Der Beek, Channel Five News, J. Walter Thompson, The Stand for Children campaign, The Eddie FilesThe Richard Bey Show, Funny Garbage, Backyard Safari, Up All Night,  many, many music videos, and Saturday Night Live.

Volunteering: The Moth Outreach Program (NY), Young Storytellers (LA).

Member: WGA (Writers Guild of America). 

Related experience: Modeling, Voice Over, Comedy Improv, and being mistaken for Anne Hathaway.